Tasting Door County’s Wine Trail

The Door County Wine Trail features ten wineries who have taken advantage of the fertile terroir to create exceptional and unique wines. Learn more about why Wisconsin wines are so unique and the role that Door County plays in producing them!

Did you know that Door County is perfectly situated between the North Pole and the equator? This makes the peninsula’s climate perfect for growing grapes and other produce (like cherries). Door County is Wisconsin’s hidden gem for wine enthusiasts. This vacation destination is home to some of the finest wineries in the state. Each winery offers its own unique blends of flavors and atmospheres, making it impossible to try just one. The Door County Wine Trail was created to bring awareness and support to the Door County wine industry, encouraging not just tourism but agriculture and education as well. From intimate, family-owned wineries to historic establishments, Door County’s wineries are sure to bring an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Anchored Roots Winery

Anchored Roots Winery produces wine from both locally grown grapes as well as grapes from Washington.

Anchored Roots Winery is popular for its friendly atmosphere and wide selection of handcrafted wines. Located in the heart of Door County, just down the road from the Landmark Resort, this winery offers reds, whites, and rosés made from grapes grown not just in the area but from the state of Washington as well. Visitors can enjoy a relaxing wine tasting in a cozy and rustic setting, surrounded by the scenic beauty of the vineyards.

Anchored Roots Winery is distinguished for its small-batch artisanal vintages that capture the local region’s character through their terroir-driven winemaking style. By concentrating on Door County’s natural conditions and using indigenous grape varieties, they have been able to give their wines a unique taste.

Door 44 Winery

Door 44 Winery specializes in Wisconsin-based wine, growing their own grapes in vineyards and orchards that you can tour!

Door 44 Winery is unique for its dedication to producing wines from grapes that thrive in the Wisconsin weather. Their award-winning wines are specific to the region’s terroir, which is the complete natural environment in which a particular wine is produced, including the climate, soil, and even the topography. The winery consists of a modernized tasting room, boasting beautiful views of the vineyards, making this the perfect spot for wine enthusiasts to experience their wide variety of wines.

The Door 44 Winery specializes in growing cold-hardy grape varieties that thrive in Wisconsin’s temperatures. They are dedicated to sustainable farming operations and have a modern and sleek tasting room. The patio overlooking the view of the vineyard is a suitable place to sit back, relax, and enjoy some wine.

Door Peninsula Winery

Door Peninsula Winery is unique in that it’s based out of an old schoolhouse, which now houses a magnificent winemaking and distilling production!

Door Peninsula Winery is one of the largest and oldest wineries in Door County, with many wines ranging from traditional grape varieties to innovative fruit wine styles. In addition, it is situated in a historic schoolhouse, adding a touch of nostalgia to your visit. Their friendly staff offer guided tours and wine tastings, making this winery a must-visit on the Wine Trail.

Door Peninsula Winery offers the most extensive selection of wines in Door County—over 60 of them! The historic schoolhouse building creates a unique experience blending history with their broad spectrum of wine options.

Harbor Ridge Winery

Harbor Ridge Winery is small but mighty, offering a cozy setting to enjoy their diverse array of wines.

Harbor Ridge Winery’s handcrafted wines and warm, inviting atmosphere are what distinguish it from the rest of the wineries on the Wine Trail. Located in the scenic hills of Egg Harbor, this winery displays a diverse range of wines that reflect the local Door County flavors. The combination of the charming tasting room and the friendly staff make this an ideal spot to unwind and sample exceptional wines.

The cozy rustic tasting room at Harbor Ridge Winery is a standout feature, and the staff is extremely helpful. Crafted by hand, their wines are often unique blends with interesting names that make for a memorable and engaging tasting experience.

Lake Fire Winery

The newest addition to the Door County Wine Trail, Lake Fire Winery’s modern and chic setting is a perfect place to visit with some gal pals!

Lake Fire Winery is a family-owned winery that is passionate about making fine wines. They specialize in producing small batch vintages which create an opportunity for customers to have a distinctive experience during the tastings. Their portfolio includes various reds, whites, and specialty wines that capture Door County’s rich agricultural heritage.

Lake Fire Winery is the only waterfront winery in Door County, with a cozy outdoor patio with fire pits and lawn games that are perfect for spending an afternoon. They have a close-knit family-owned vibe which offers intimate wine-tasting experiences that will not be found elsewhere. They focus on small-batch wines that embrace Door County’s farming heritage.

Lautenbach’s Orchard Country Winery

Lautenbach’s Orchard Country Winery is more than just a winery–it’s also a gift shop, cider mill, cheese store, bakery, and popular hangout spot!

Lautenbach’s Orchard Country Winery specializes in local fruit wines, made with the abundant orchards that surround the property. They provide a range of wines that highlight the flavors of Door County’s cherries, apples, and other fruits. This gorgeous setting, complete with a historic barn and scenic orchards, provides a charming backdrop for wine tastings and tours.

Lautenbach’s offers 50 award-winning wines and hard ciders, all produced on-site, using their estate grown fruit. Each sip brings out the best flavors of local fruits, offering a unique perspective on winemaking as well as a true Door County experience.

Red Oak Winery

Red Oak Winery will transport you to California with its modern interior and wines produced from California grapes.

Red Oak Winery features a sophisticated selection of wines ranging from robust reds to elegant whites. These wines are crafted with nothing but precision and care, while featuring a stylish tasting room where guests can savor these diverse tastes.

Red Oak Winery is known for its precise, well-crafted wines that cater to a more discerning palate. Their beautiful interior tasting room and their emphasis on specific wines makes this winery a favorite among wine aficionados.

Simon Creek Winery

Simon Creek Winery has won several awards for its fine wines, even internationally!

Simon Creek Winery combines beautiful surroundings with exceptional wines. Situated on a sprawling estate, this winery produces a variety of wines that cater to all palates. Visitors can enjoy tastings on the scenic deck located on the backside of the building, overlooking the vineyards, making it a perfect place to relax and appreciate the beauty of Door County.

Simon Creek Winery’s gorgeous and calming setting is what sets them apart. Enjoy their diverse range of wines while relaxing in the summer sun on their outdoor deck.

Stone’s Throw Winery

While sampling an array of Stone’s Throw Winery’s premium wines, visit their Italian restaurant made with local Wisconsin ingredients.

Stone’s Throw Winery offers a taste of California all the way to Door County with its top-notch selection of wines made from California grapes. This winery’s charming setting and unique architecture offers guests an exquisite and calming escape. Stone Throw’s commitment to quality in every batch is evident in each sip of rich red wine to crisp white wine.

Stone’s Throw Winery brings a taste of California to Door County, operating with the traditional one-barrel-at-a-time way. They also have a restaurant on site so you can pair delicious dishes with a selection of wines. The Italian-inspired architecture and beautiful garden views create a special, enchanting atmosphere.

Von Stiehl Winery

Located in Algoma as the very first winery on the Door County Wine Trail, Von Stiehl Winery is the oldest winery in Wisconsin!

Von Stiehl Winery is the oldest winery in Wisconsin, with a building dating back to the 1860s. This winery is known for its award-winning wines and historic charm and offers a unique glimpse of history while still maintaining modern winemaking techniques. Their diverse selection of wines, ciders, and spirits ensures that there is something for everyone.

Von Stiehl Winery’s historic charm as Wisconsin’s oldest licensed winery, combined with its award-winning wines, sets it apart from the rest. The winery’s historic building and modern touch creates a blend of tradition and innovation.

Door County’s wineries each offer a unique wine tasting experience with their own charm and specialties. These wineries provide a perfect opportunity to experience and enjoy the fruitful flavors of the region, demonstrating Wisconsin’s might in the winemaking industry. Each winery adds something special to the table, from focuses on local terroir to historical charm. Come along the Door County Wine Trail and see what these wineries have to offer for yourself!

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