Best Coffee Shops in Door County

Ah, coffee—one of the best things about waking up in the morning. But when you’re away from home and on your Door County vacation, which coffee shop can brew your coffee just the way you like it?

Ah, coffee—one of the best things about waking up in the morning. Coffee often gives us the boost we need to take on the day, or it can be paired nicely with a sweet pastry or decadent dessert. Truthfully, coffee can be enjoyed at any time of day (preferably decaf at a certain point!), but there is something about that fresh, hot cup early in the morning that feels truly special. But when you’re away from home and on your Door County vacation, which coffee shop can brew your coffee just the way you like it?

5. Buttercups Coffee, Egg Harbor

You’ll always find Dave behind the counter brewing a fresh pot of coffee or fixing up a latte!

Locally-owned Buttercups Coffee is just down the street from the Landmark Resort, in downtown Egg Harbor’s Main Street Shops. Open seasonally from 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., you’ll always be greeted by Dave’s smiling face when you walk through the door! Enjoy freshly baked pastries by Karen, such as scones or warm chocolate chip cookies, and order a custom espresso latte from Dave. Our favorite is the Doug, named after a close friend (and fellow owner at the Landmark!), featuring bourbon and salted caramel syrup, topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce. Delicious!

Buttercups Coffee serves more than just coffee—you can even enjoy a cold beer or a glass of wine! For young ones, there are fruit smoothies and fresh squeezed lemonade to sip on during the summertime. Dave and Karen also offer a variety of their own homemade products, such as Dave’s Original Marinara, Buttercups Bees Honey, Pure Wood-Fired Maple Syrup, and other goodies!

4. Kick Ash Door County, Ellison Bay

Located inside a renovated church, Kick Ash Door County’s history and products are one of a kind!

Just like Buttercups Coffee, Kish Ash Door County was founded by husband-and-wife duo Carol and Chris Ash. Kick Ash is known for more than just its coffee, it actually started because of Carol’s amazing gluten-free granola! In fact, all of their baked goods are gluten-free. You can find their granola all over Door County in grocery and convenience stores, but you’ll only find their baked pastries at their location in Ellison Bay.

Speaking of their location, Kick Ash is in a stunning renovated old church, the same one that Carol grew up attending service. Inside the church, you’ll find a large arch and baby grand piano, along with books written by local authors, crafts made by Door County artisans, and plenty of comfortable seating to sit and relax.

While the church itself is no longer in operation, all of Kick Ash’s drinks are church-themed! The “Trinity” is hot chocolate mixed with coffee and topped with whipped cream—yummy! For non-coffee alternatives, sip on a “Chai Kingdom Come”, “Chai Will Be Done,” or the “Baptism,” a simply delicious hot chocolate. Chris is the one behind the coffee, as he worked hard and learned the art of coffee roasting to craft the perfect cup to pair with his wife’s gluten-free granola.

Open year round, make your way up to Ellison Bay this winter to sip on a cozy warm drink inside the former church, or sit outside in the Kick Ash gardens during the summertime to hear some live music. Experience the magic of Kick Ash Door County!

3. Blue Horse Beach Café, Fish Creek

Open year round, you can enjoy a cup of coffee at Blue Horse Beach Café inside their coffeehouse during the winter or in their outdoor garden during the summer!

Blue Horse Beach Café is one of the few coffee shops in the area that’s open year round, so it’s busy all times of the year, and for good reason! You can order coffee on-the-go or stay for a while in their indoor space or in their outdoor garden, watching the waves splash on Fish Creek Beach. Of course, it’s a little cold for that in the wintertime, so let’s take a step inside and see what they have to keep us warm!

More than simply a café, you can enjoy breakfast or lunch at any time of day. Order a fresh egg sandwich on an English muffin with a range of fixings, like melted cheddar cheese, grilled ham, breakfast sausage, or roasted sweet potato. For lunch, there are even more sandwiches to choose from! You’re going to need a good beverage to pair with your meal, like a hot coffee, fruit smoothies, or even Italian soda. Along with traditional coffeehouse offerings, like cappuccinos and macchiatos, Blue Horse Beach Café has a variety of specialty drinks that are perfect for the start of your vacation. Need an early morning pick-me-up? The Chuck is the answer for you, with three shots of espresso flavored with their house caramel sauce and topped with caramel drizzle! Otherwise, if you’re looking to relax, the Why Bother Latte or Vacation Latte might be the perfect fit for you.

To avoid the early morning crowd for your coffee and breakfast, visit Blue Horse Beach Café’s website to order ahead and pick up when your order is ready! But if you’re willing to wait, check out their gift shop inside where you can browse Door County apparel or purchase a bag of their coffee beans.

2. 5th and Jefferson Coffee House, Sturgeon Bay

5th and Jefferson Coffee House in Sturgeon Bay has been recognized TWICE as the best coffee shop in Wisconsin!

Tucked on a small inconspicuous street corner is the well-known and loved 5th and Jefferson Coffee House. Recognized by both USA Today and Buzzfeed as the best coffee shop in Wisconsin, it’s no wonder why so many people return to this coffee shop again and again for its vibrant and fresh coffee, scrumptious pastries, and good company!

Shawna and Fred Young, the owners of the small coffee shop, believe in serving an experience just as much as food and drink. Come inside for a cozy beverage and warm scone or a filling lunch. During the summer, hang with your friends and even your dog outside on the outdoor patio! Their eclectic menu includes breakfast and lunch, with grilled burritos, a Belgian Bacon Waffle, quesadillas, and other mouthwatering selections.

Their drink menu is just as varied and delicious! Llamas are the theme at 5th and Jefferson, so choose from simply the Llama (maple and cinnamon latte), the Nilla Llama (vanilla and maple latte), or the Twisted Llama (pumpkin and maple latte). Not a coffee drinker? No worries! You can still get your caffeine fix from an assortment of teas, or you can kickstart your day with a protein smoothie packed full of fruits or peanut butter. And hey, it’s always 5 o’ clock somewhere, so you can get your blended drink buzzed for just a dollar!

1. Door County Coffee, Sturgeon Bay

Door County’s original coffee shop, Door County Coffee is a must-stop for every getaway to the peninsula.

Of course, we would be remiss not to mention Door County Coffee in Sturgeon Bay! Now in its 30th year, Door County Coffee is one of the most widely recognized businesses not only in the county, but around the whole state! With over 100 varieties of coffee, you’re sure to find something to love!

Door County Coffee began with a simple dream of the owners, Vicki and Doug Wilson, to live in Door County and make it their home. It didn’t take them long to realize that the county offered plenty of cheese, wine, and candy, but not nearly enough coffee! The rest, as they say, is history. What started as a small family-owned business has now grown into a coffee mogul, but that deep love and strong passion for coffee and community can still be found in their incredible coffee shop and facility.

Door County Coffee is a must-visit when you’re in the county, because their quality of coffee and food is simply unmatched. Sip on a cup of one of their several varieties of flavored coffee, or order a specialty latte off the menu. Their breakfast and lunch menus are simple but effective, offering traditional potato bakes, quiches, Belgian waffles, and flavorful sandwiches and wraps.

More than the coffee and food, the coffee shop itself is an experience! Walk through their aisles of Door County apparel, souvenirs, and local art, or peruse their wall-to-wall shelf of coffee flavors. If you’re fortunate enough to visit in the winter, early spring, or fall, you might be able to snag a bag of one of their seasonal flavors before they’re gone!

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