Door County, Family-friendly

Everything You Need to Know About Sister Bay

With its scenic natural surroundings and wealth of exciting outdoor activities and cultural offerings, Sister Bay is one of the most vibrant and beautiful towns to visit on the peninsula!

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Door County, Egg Harbor

Top 5 Must-Do Spring Activities in Door County

Did you know that spring is one of the best times to visit Door County? From seeing the cherry blossoms to being the first through the door, there’s so much to see and do during one of the quietest seasons of the year!

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Door County, Ephraim

Everything You Need to Know About Ephraim

Ephraim is one of the oldest villages in Door County, relatively unchanged since its founding in 1853. What makes it one of the most popular visits in Door County? Let’s find out!

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Door County, History

Why is Door County Called “Death’s Door”?

Do you know Door County by another name, “Death’s Door”? Have you ever wondered how the county got such a macabre name? Let’s explore the most popular theories about Door County’s original name!

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Baileys Harbor, Door County

Planning the Perfect Door County Date

Door County is one of the most romantic places in Wisconsin, with scenic landscapes, delicious local cuisine, and activities for you and your partner to enjoy together. Plan the perfect Door County date with our guide!

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