Best Places to Shop in Door County

Door County is home to a wide variety of local boutiques, art galleries, family-owned shops, and gift stores. Check out some of our favorites to kickstart your holiday shopping spree!

Thanks to Amazon and the surge in online shopping, Black Friday is no longer the big shopping phenomenon that it once was, but you’ll often see Black Friday deals as early as October! Many big box stores offer sales and discounted prices to encourage the start of Christmas shopping and empty stuffed inventories. The holiday that comes the day after Black Friday is often forgotten, though it’s especially important for small businesses. Small Business Saturday encourages shoppers to visit their local businesses for their holiday shopping, and many small business owners will offer sales and discounts to encourage customers to stop inside and look around.

Door County is home to a wide variety of local boutiques, art galleries, family-owned shops, and gift stores. When you visit and purchase from a small business, you’re supporting Door County as a whole! Here are some of our favorite stores to visit on Small Business Saturday for our holiday shopping.

1. Main Street Shops, Egg Harbor

With 19 shops all together, you can complete your holiday shopping in just one trip!

The Main Street Shops in Egg Harbor houses 19 different locally owned businesses! While not all of them are open year-round, they’re all located within three buildings that are mere steps from each other, so you don’t have to window-shop in the cold. These shops’ products range from Door County souvenirs to clothing and fashion accessories to home décor to skin-care products to baby and children’s gifts, and so much more! You might be able to complete all of your holiday shopping in one visit!

Door County Kids & Baby Boutique offers clothing, toys, board games, books, and puzzles for children of all ages. Just Paws is a boutique for dogs and their owners alike, with cute clothing, treats, and gifts for the dogs and dog-lovers in your life! LazyOne Door County features the coziest clothing in Door County, with pajamas and comfort clothing for the whole family to love. If you’re in the holiday spirit, make sure to stop by ‘Tis the Season, which features holiday décor for Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving all year long! All of these stores and more are the perfect way to start your shopping spree for the holiday season!

2. Hide Side Corner Store, Fish Creek

While known for their top-of-the-line leather and furs, Hide Side Corner Store also offers a variety of gifts, furniture, and fine art. Photo Credit: Door County Today

Fish Creek is known as the shopping center of Door County, with a plethora of boutiques, art galleries, retail stores, clothing stores, and gift shops to visit. One of the most prominent and well-known is Hide Side Corner Store. This family-owned and -operated corner store is known for its high-quality leather and fur for the outdoorsy hunter, but there is a range of other gifts and items that makes this shop a treasure to discover! Besides leather jackets and gloves, you’ll also find handbags and wallets, home décor, handmade furniture, and fine art, almost all exclusively made in America. Throughout the store, you’ll see shop owner Mike’s motorcycles, all bikes that he’s collected and loved over the years. While the bikes themselves are not for sale, they each have a wonderful story to tell, and if you’re lucky enough to meet him, Mike will be more than happy to share!

3. On Deck Clothing Company, Door County

With locations in Sister Bay, Fish Creek, and Sturgeon Bay, browse a collection of fashionable and comfortable seasonal outfits! Photo Credit: On Deck Clothing Company

On Deck Clothing Company is such a staple in Door County that they have three locations open year-round—one in Sister Bay, one in Fish Creek, and one in Sturgeon Bay! While they’re all the same store, they each have different collections that are frequently rotated every season, usually with a huge sale attached to them! These clothing stores are perfect for finding the right Door County souvenir, comfortable camping gear, or fashionable seasonal outfits. With collections specifically geared towards men, women, and children from all walks of life, you’re sure to find something to love!

4. Spot, Sister Bay

This fun little store is the perfect “spot” to find gifts for the teens in your life! Photo Credit: Peninsula Pulse

If you’re shopping with a teenager, then Spot in Sister Bay is a must-stop. This little store is different from most in Door County in that it’s buzzing with life and personality for young adults looking to have a little fun. While primarily a clothing store, featuring women’s clothing with dresses, tops and bottoms, shoes, and accessories, you can also find a variety of gifts and games to play with friends! Ranging from fun to frisky, find the perfect book, game, drinkware, or t-shirt to make your friends giggle or gasp! For clothing, all of Spot’s offerings are comfortable and fashionable, changing frequently to match the seasons. As they say, “life is too short to wear boring clothes,” so pick out your new wardrobe when you “spot” by!

5. Bliss, Sturgeon Bay

Bliss is bursting with personality, providing an unmatched holiday shopping experience! Photo Credit: Peninsula Pulse

Bliss in Sturgeon Bay is similar to Spot in that it’s made for the funky and fun people in your life brimming with personality! Specializing in home décor, “fantabulous” furniture, colorful art, and gifts, Bliss is bursting with goods that will make your home shine with your personal touch. Like the Main Street Shops in Egg Harbor, Bliss is home to several shops under one roof that all work in synergy—Lola May’s Boutique, Monticello, SmithMaker, Neverland Co., and more! Believe it or not, you can get your hair done, pick out a new outfit, browse handmade art and premium cigars, and visit an interior designer all in one place! Bliss is a mall all-in-one, and holiday shopping there is a premium experience!

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