Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Door County

Door County is famous for being one of the few places in Wisconsin to watch the sun lower on the water. So where are the best places on the peninsula to catch the sunsets?

Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Door County

Did you know that Door County is one of the few places in Wisconsin where you can watch the sun set on the water? That’s right—part of what makes Door County sunsets so special is that they can’t be seen anywhere else in the state (that’s why they’re called “Door County sunsets” after all).

So where should you stake your spot to watch the sun drop over the water? Luckily, there are several places in Door County for you to see the stunning colors, so you can watch the sunset almost anywhere in the peninsula! Here are our top 5 picks for watching sunsets in Door County.

5. Sister Bay Beach

Sister Bay Beach is one of the best places to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Boasting the longest shoreline in the county, it’s no wonder that Sister Bay Beach is one of the most popular spots to see the watercolor skies. Surrounded by bluffs, the view of the sky is free of trees and islands, though you may catch a boat or two drifting into sight for a perfect photo opportunity. Grab a beer or slice of pizza from Wild Tomato, make a dinner reservation at Boathouse on the Bay, or simply have a picnic at Sister Bay’s Waterfront Park for the best spots to watch the sunset.

4. Egg Harbor Marina

Choose between the pier or Harbor View Park for your seat to watch the sunset.

If you’re looking to take the best photos of the sunset, Egg Harbor Marina is the place to be. With pristine white boats floating in the water, tree branches bobbing in the breeze, and a perfect perch in Harbor View Park, there are plenty of elements to compose a scenic landscape photograph or capture a fun family moment. There’s nothing better than counting down the last moments of the sun on the horizon with an ice cream cone from Chocolate Chicken or with a cocktail at Mezzanine!

3. Landmark Resort & Carrington

Each of our lodging buildings’ decks and the Carrington’s terrace offer incredible vantage points for viewing the sunset on the water.

Maybe we’re biased, but you can’t beat a panoramic view of the water from each of our lodging buildings and our restaurant! Retreat onto the decks of the Landmark Resort’s lodging buildings for an unobstructed view of the sunset, high above the water and away from the sound of the bustling nightlife. Make a dinner reservation at Carrington on the outdoor terrace and watch the sky come to life with vibrant colors, truly making for a dinner and a show.

2. Anderson Dock, Ephraim

The artistry of Hardy Gallery combined with the natural beauty of the sky are a perfect pairing!

There’s something about seeing the natural art of sunsets paired with the manmade art of the Hardy Gallery in Ephraim that strikes a chord in an artist’s heart. Located just beyond the shoreline, you can look out onto the water in the dimming light or turn back to see the small, charming town of Ephraim come to life. Enjoy the view from the Old Post Office after a delicious fish boil, at Wilson’s with an ice cream sundae, or on the little public beach.

1. Sunset Boat Tours

Cruise onto the water for a more intimate view of the sunset.

For the diehard fans, it can be worth the cost and time to take a cruise onto the water itself for a more intimate experience with the sunset. Get your camera ready for an up close and personal view of the sun, sometimes paired with live music from Door County Boats or refreshments from Door County By Water. If you’re looking for a private performance from the sun on the water, rent a kayak and take yourself on your own tour!

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