Door County’s Best Breweries

Like the rest of Wisconsin, Door County has a variety of breweries all with something unique to offer. Stop by these great local breweries for some good times and cold beers!

When in Wisconsin, you do as the Wisconsinites do, and that’s naturally going to include drinking beer. Wisconsin is known for its beer and breweries, with over 800 breweries opening in the state since 1835! Door County has its own fair share of breweries that have something unique to offer, such as local flavors from around the county, a music hall, and even a bakery! Make sure to stop by one of our favorite breweries on your next visit to Door County for some good times and cold beers!

1. One Barrel Brewing Company

One Barrel Brewing Company is your one-stop shop for both delicious beer and pizza! Photo Credit: One Barrel Brewing Company

While the original pub is located in Madison, it’s perhaps no surprise that the Egg Harbor location for One Barrel Brewing Company is bigger and, dare I say, better! This massive brewhouse boasts both an indoor and outdoor taproom, both of which are open year-round. Take a seat at one of the picnic tables with your flight or pint in hand when it’s warm, or huddle up by the bonfire during summer nights or winter days. Inside, you’ll find an expansive bar with plenty of tables to sit at, plus board games or video games to keep you entertained!

One Barrel’s partnership with Pizza Bros is a match made in heaven, as you can order a pizza or a mouthwatering plate of Thicc Bread and sip on a brewski as you wait for your food to arrive. And their pizza isn’t anything ordinary, either! Their So Smokey pizza is a popular favorite, topped with all things bacon. If you’re looking for something really different, try the Threat Level Midnight, which is topped with oyster and portobello mushrooms, goat cheese, and roasted cremini with a black garlic cream base. You need to taste it to believe it!

As for the beer itself, it’s just as amazing as the pizza. One Barrel’s tap wall is constantly rotating with seasonal flavors, so there’s always something new to try. Their variety consists of light beers, specialty beers, IPAs, and ciders, so there’s something for everyone! There are some constants on the menu that you can always rely on, such as their Up North, which is a light and crisp Wisconsin lager; the Commuter, a classic German Kölsch ale; or the DC Trolley, an old-school lager brewed with local Door County cherries!

2. Bridge Up Brewing Company

A popular hangout spot for locals, Bridge Up Brewing serves beer that is filled with the heart of Door County. Photo Credit: Wisconsin Harbor Towns Association

On your way into Door County, you’ll probably drive past Bridge Up Brewing, located beneath Sonny’s Pizzeria. This brewery is unique in that they’re eager to listen to their patrons and take suggestions on what should be brewed next. You never know what your creativity might inspire! Bridge Up is the only brewery located on the water, with a stunning view of Sturgeon Bay’s waterfront. Hang out on their outdoor patio and visit the tiki bar during the summer, and keep warm inside their eclectic taproom and with a deep dish pizza from Sonny’s!

Pair your pizza with one of Bridge Up’s refreshing beers, each themed after Door County’s culture and landmarks. For instance, their Knee-High cream ale is a local favorite, and it pays homage to the agriculture found throughout the county. “Knee-high by the Fourth of July” is a common saying for corn farmers in the Midwest, and this beer highlights the subtle sweetness of corn with a light and smooth taste. Their best-selling beer is the Escarpment, a citra pale ale with a bright grapefruit finish. Named after the Niagara Escarpment, the hundreds of miles long limestone that makes up the base of Door County, this beer’s flavor is just as unique and beautiful as its namesake.

During the winter, Bridge Up Brewing is a popular hangout spot for locals that grows with guests throughout the summer. Taste the flavors of Door County on your next visit to this brewery!

3. Door County Brewing Co.

With great barbecue, live music on Saturday night, and, of course, refreshing beer, there’s no better spot to hang out than Door County Brewing Co! Photo Credit: Door County Brewing Co.

Located in Baileys Harbor, Door County Brewing Co. is perhaps one of the most iconic and recognizable breweries on the peninsula! Founded in 2012, this local- and family-owned brewery values family and community above all else, which inspires them to create one-of-a-kind craft beers. Their gorgeous venue features a taproom, music hall, and backyard beer garden that serves both refreshing beer and delicious food. Their food vendor DCBC Eats is located just next door and offers mouthwatering barbecue nachos, chili, mac n’ cheese, and chicken or pork. Inside the main hall, there are long tables to sit and eat at, as well as a big stage for the live music you can listen to every Saturday night!

Door County Brewing Co.’s craft beers are some of the most popular around the peninsula, each with a unique and fun design on the can. The Vacationland is featured year-round in the taproom and oftentimes in bars and restaurants around the county. This juicy IPA is brewed with oats and wheat with generous hoppiness, and it finishes with a creamy mouthfeel. Another popular beer is the Little Sister, taking inspiration from the two islands sitting off Sister Bay’s shoreline. This witbier is brewed with both Belgian pilsner malt and wheat, and the bright citrus and zesty tastes are derived from coriander, a touch of orange peel, and other unique spices. Keep your eyes peeled on your next dinner outing at a Door County restaurant; you’re sure to find these two on the menu!

4. Peach Barn Farmhouse and Brewery

Peach Barn Farmhouse and Brewery is Sister Bay’s first microbrewery, and it’s the best place to slow down and relax a while on your Door County getaway. Photo Credit: Peninsula Pulse

Peach Barn Farmhouse and Brewery is one of the newest breweries in Door County, and it’s Sister Bay’s first brewery! This family-owned brewery offers cold beer, hard seltzers, and live music all summer long! Of course, as the name suggests, you can find peach-flavored beers in their taproom, as well as fresh peaches for sale during the summer!

Similar to most breweries in Door County, this venue has both an indoor and outdoor space, designed for families to sit, sip, and relax. There are lawn games outside and board games inside, and children can play outside with a sandbox and playground equipment. The microbrewery is designed for people to stay a while, drinking beer and relishing their vacation in Door County. Open year-round, it’s the perfect place to stop and slow down for a little while.

One of their most popular brews is the Where Harry Met Sally Farmhouse Ale, which is a Saison style beer. This beer pays homage to the owner Sarah’s grandparents who bought their Door County property over fifty years ago! Another popular beer is the Horsetooth Hazy, an IPA that contain hops with a hint of peach. It’s sweet, smooth, and delicious!

5. Sway Brewing and Blending

Door County’s newest brewery Sway offers some of the best craft beers in the peninsula. Photo Credit: Sway Brewing and Blending

Sway is only a couple years old, but it’s taking Baileys Harbor by storm! Spearheaded by Matt Sampson, formerly one of the lead brewers of Hacienda Beer Co., this brewery tells the story of Door County through its local and organic ingredients. These beers are simple and easy to drink with the main purpose of refreshing and relaxing patrons in their boutique space. Their venue features a beer garden, taproom, and even a bakery! Sway inherited the former Heirloom Café for their taproom, and now they continue to serve baked goods to the community in the morning. After you wake up, pick up a fresh-baked muffin or scone with a cup of coffee, and head downstairs in the afternoon for a cold beer.

Sway is constantly introducing new blends to their menu, each of them with a story to tell about their creation and inspiration. The names for their beer embody the easy-going, pleasant atmosphere lived at the taproom. Between You & Me is inspired by German- and Czech-style Pilsners with pleasant bitterness and a subtle earthy flavor. A Very Happy Start pays homage to Sway’s founding, featuring the bright flavors of mango and orange rind with a bit of soft pine for balanced bitterness. Other brews that will feed your imagination and wonder are The Higher We Flew, A Field Full of Love, The Voice That Speaks Inside, and so many more!

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